About PowerOut

PowerOut was developed by GlobalLight Projects to create awareness of both the need and possibility to change the world!

Sound ambitious? Well, why not?
Got anything better to do with your life?

GlobalLight Projects exists to assist the people of the developing world by means of  applications of
simple technology. Things like using the sun's ultra-violet radiation to purify drinking water so kids don't get sick and can go to school, and by installing solar and wind generated electricity in schools to enhance the learning environment. It may be hard to believe, but nearly 2 billion people still live without electricity and do not have things we take for granted. Like, running water, refrigeration and lights! Visit the GlobalLight Projects website to learn more.

PowerOut is a means where you can do something about that. By giving up your 'toys' like a cell phone, MP3 player and casual computer use for at least 24 hours and getting friends and family to sponsor you, you can change the world for somebody. Isn't that worth a little sacrifice? Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference!

Contact the GlobalLight Projects team for more info or to start your own PowerOut.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
~ Leon J. Suenes