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What would your life be like without electricity?

Did you know that almost one-third of the world's population does not have access to electricity?

Imagine what that would be like: no radio, no TV, no refrigeration, no running water, no phone, no computer, no Internet.

What's more, the cost of building a conventional power system, with a generating plant and distribution lines is so expensive that they will probably never be built. That means that your peers in the developing world can never enjoy the basics of life as you know them and certainly will never enjoy any of the modern gadgets we all like to use everyday. Going to school would be more like what it was like for your great-grandparents than anything yo
u have experienced!

you know the world? Try our online quiz. (it will only take a few minutes and you'll see the answers. It's fun!).

Want video? Click here to see an African school and discover why PowerOut is necessary.

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By choosing to live without electrical power for at least 24 hours, you will help provide electricity in a village forever! By involving others, you raise money to provide solar panels for schools in Zambia, Africa. The village children will receive a better education with well-lit classrooms, computers and quality teachers.

By getting people to sponsor you to PowerOut your cell phone, MP3 player, SMS and casual computer use i.e. Facebook for at least 24 hours, you will raise money for GlobalLight Projects to install a solar-powered system in a school in Chona, Zambia. 

How do you PowerOut? You can do it yourself, but its more fun with others - so get your friends involved. Let your passion for making a difference touch your friends first of all.Get your school, work or church group involved.

Download the PowerOut brochure (you'll notice you can cut it into 3 and already you can sign up 2 more friends!). Then, email us and we will send you the PowerOut sponsorship form so you can  get everybody to pledge support while you PowerOut for a day.

When you have completed your PowerOut, collect the money and send it to GlobalLight Projects. Total up all the money you have collected and either make an online donation or mail a cheque for that amount. If you participated in a group, give the money to your PowerOut leaders - they know what to do with it!. 

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

~Anne Frank


Contact GlobalLight Projects for more information or to start your own PowerOut!

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